MOC Seeks Transparency

UPDATE – MOC meeting planned for Monday, Nov. 15 at 3:15 p.m. at the Kaunakakai Gym.

From the employees of the Molokai Occupational Center (MOC), in an open letter to the Board of Directors (Allan Tancayo, Claude Sutcliff, Meg Afelin, Ida Ruiz, Rita Kalahiki and Vicki Boswell), Molokai residents and any of MOC’s funding sources or corporate oversight agencies:

The employees and staff of Molokai Occupational are requesting an official open-to-the-public meeting with MOC’s Board of Directors to, again, air their legitimate concerns over the criminal, unethical, unsafe, unhealthy, unprofessional and oppressive environment we and the clients are forced to work in, as well as the unresponsive reactions we have received over the years from the Board. It has been nearly two years after official workers’ grievance action was taken and the results of this action have been severe retribution and terminations from administration with supportive action from select board members. MOC is heading for bankruptcy, with its savings disappearing to fund an incompetent administration.

We want to bring transparency to our publicly-funded, nonprofit Hawaii Corporation – to start conducting business legally and without bias to serve the needs of Molokai’s less fortunate. Many workers’ lives have been ruined and many clients’ service has been terminated because of the way business has and continues to be conducted at MOC.

We, the employees of MOC, plead with the public, the county, the state or federal agencies that fund MOC or have any legitimate oversight to attend this meeting to help us get back to serving the needs of the people we should be serving, not the needs of just one person.

The date suggested by the employees is Nov. 15, 2010 at 3:15 p.m. at any public facility in Kaunakakai. Board of Directors, we expect a timely response to this request to avoid immediate government intervention.

Employees of MOC


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