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MOC Looking Ahead

Molokai Occupational Center’s (MOC) new management is putting a rocky past aside and working toward building a better future and making stronger ties with the community it serves.

After management defaults by MOC’s previous executive director, Grant Sullivan last December, the MOC board voted Jim Schelinski as Board of Director’s president in December and appointed Amy Maeda as executive director in March.

Before Maeda arrived, Noe Pascua assumed executive director responsibilities. She also manages MOC’s thrift store.

“I think we’re well underway putting this back together better than ever before,” Schelinski said.

is a go getter. She’s got a lot of knowledge in the field and a passion for serving people on the island,” said her assistant executive director Suzie Holtzman.

Holtzman began writing grants for MOC five years ago, and officially moved to the island three years ago.

“I love it here. I have a passion for serving mentally disabled people and creating jobs,” she said.

Together, they want to mingle with the community. Maeda wants to offer  free, job rentention workships for the community, she said. She also wants Molokai residents help put their green thumbs to use. She is getting ready to start a community garden in June on MOC’s property for staff and residents.

“In the short term, it will provide life skills and farm to table experience,” Maeda said.

A New Beginning
Late last December, Executive Director Grant Sullivan resigned per the board’s request in the midst of mismanagement accusations, and Board president Allen Tancayo resigned after twenty years of service for health reasons.
Glenn Davis, who has worked with MOC for four years, said that working conditions are different under new management.

“The most important thing now is that things are more clear cut. Our schedules are posted, so we know what we are doing each week,” he said.

Davis also stated that the new board seems more hands on and the company seems more efficient.
“I’m quite happy,” he said.

Maeda would like to thank Noe Pascua for her consistent diligence in serving Molokai’s people. She would also like to thank Allen Tancayo for his 20 years of serving on the board.


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