MOC Concerns

We have serious concerns with the Molokai Occupational Center’s management and lack of a qualified executive director. We have received reports of bullying, unprofessionalism, humiliation by management and unsafe working conditions at MOC for those in our disabled community, as well as the denial of work opportunities to clients.

MOC’s mission states that it “provides opportunity for the people with disabilities to be actively involved in determining how, and where they live, learn, work and play.”

We ask the MOC board of directors if it is currently carrying out its mission.  

In February 2020, the executive director position at MOC became vacant.  The board subsequently voted to appoint fellow board members to serve as interim executive director until the BOD advertised the position, interviewed qualified candidates, and ultimately, hired someone to fill the position.  

The BOD did not advertise calling for applications for the position and somehow this interim became the seated executive director. 

This person is not qualified to serve as the executive director, lacking program/contract writing to keep/secure existing contracts. This person does not know the long history in the community nor the clientele it serves. The executive director has attempted to amend the MOC mission statement to accommodate Hawaiian Homes and youth/young adults, instead of serving those with special needs, which deviates from the mission. 

We request this board take action immediately to correctly adjust the workers’ wages, so that they qualify for their social security insurance again; accept applications to fill the seven-member board by Nov. 1; advertise for qualified executive director in The Molokai Dispatch and social media; hire a qualified executive director by Dec. 1; and expand MOC services for more employment opportunities for clients. 

A letter with these requests was sent to the board of directors. We received a response saying, “the concerns mentioned in your letter are appreciated and currently under review by ourselves (MOC BOD/ED) and legal counsel.” 



Rita Kalahiki – Former BOD and now Power of Attorney disability adult 

Yolanda and Iese Tanielu – Parents of disability adult child


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