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Mobi PCS 3G Network Upgrade on Molokai

Mobi PCS News Release

Mobi PCS has completed a 3G network upgrade on Molokai, significantly boosting performance of the company’s voice-and-data network.

Data download and browsing speeds are now more than 10 times faster. Voice-calling capacity during times of high usage has been doubled.

“I am proud to say that the Mobi PCS network is the most advanced on the entire island of Molokai,” said Phil Risken, vice president of engineering and chief technology officer. “As a local company that is only focused on Hawaii, we know that it’s important to provide our Molokai customers with exemplary product and services.”

The network enhancements allow Mobi customers to use their unlimited voice and data services with faster data downloads, fewer dropped calls and clearer in-building and outdoor reception. They augment system capacity and expand coverage to ensure a continued high rate of customer satisfaction.

Mobi’s CDMA voice-and-data network handles an average of 1.5 million calls per day, with dropped-call rates of less than 0.8 percent on Oahu – well below the industry standard and the only dropped-call rate published by any Hawaii carrier.

For more information on Mobi PCS, visit mobipcs.com.


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