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Mobi is Mo Betta

Cell phone company adds tower

Three new cell phone towers were recently installed on top of the Wilhelm Center, where Paddlers Inn is located, to ensure better service for Mobi PCS customers.

The cell phone towers, which were approved by the Molokai Planning Commission last June, enhanced Mobi’s 3G network through Kaunakakai, Kualapu`u and Kakahai`a, according to a news release.

Mobi has been serving Hawaii since 2003, and serves Molokai through Molokai Cellular, located in the G&M Variety building in Kaunakakai.

“We like to think we are the local pulse of the community,” Ed Kurzenski said, Chief Technical Officer of Mobi PCS.

In the mist of the smart phone craze, Mobi does not fall short. They have introduced new smart phones, which operate on the Android system, with three more on the horizon. They will also introduce more Blackberrys by the end of May. They don’t have the iPhone.

“We don’t have the iPhone, but now that Verizon is getting it, there’s a good chance we could be getting it soon, too,” Kurzenski said.

They will also be introducing two different tablets. The Samsung Galaxy and the Motorola Xoom. The Xoom was awarded best new product recently in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show.

“We are looking at ways to provide service on the east end, Kurzenski said. “The terrain creates some challenges for us on that side.”


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