MoBettah Burger

Speedier service and month-long entertainment has customers claiming Molokai Burger is mobettah than ever.

The eatery recently purchased a new broiling system, cutting burger grill time in half and keeping cooked products more consistent.

“Those in the drive thru are not nearly as bored,” said Molokai Burger owner Rod Felt.  “We are serving food faster than ever and stepping up the overall quality of the Molokai Burger experience.”

To spark new interest and highlight new and old menu items, Felt created Mobettah Days: a month long celebration of what Molokai Burger does best – family fun and food specials. Movies, music and cultural discussions have flooded the parking lot during the month of May and will come to an end this Saturday with a grand prize giveaway.

 “We feel very warmly toward our community and want to hold more of these events in the future,” Felt said. “What began as a pure capitalist promotion has actually become fun.”

Focused on the community, Mobettah Days brought customers together as they took a shot at creating the restaurant’s next feature burger, scarfed down pancakes in an eating contest and learned the history of Halawa Valley from resident Anakala Pilipo Solotario, among other events.

“I really like bringing my family here,” said customer Tomiko Nishihira. “Everything here continues to improve and this event has been good for the community to try this place out if they haven’t already.”


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