A Mixed Salad Bowl of Issues

When fishing and one sees a large school of fish, do you catch what you need or catch the whole school? Would you be satisfied with the one cooler and come back another time to catch one more cooler or would you go back and get nine more coolers to catch the whole school?

What is happening on Molokai, and in this country with people protesting Wall Street and corporate greed applies to my fishing story. The electric rate, phone, food, transportation, car registration, insurance, etc. costs a lot more while less people are working and the middle class gets squeezed. What is going on is people that have wanted more on their plate and their plate is overflowing. 

I remember one Sunday a wise priest from the Philippines said to the parishioners, “You know, my braddahs and sistahs, God put us on earth to love and give to one another. But man sometimes he get greedy.  He get one house, he like a more big house and a more big house. He get one car, then he like 20 car. But you know my braddahs and sistahs when God calls you to paradise, the house and the cars don’t fit in the coffin.” What billionaires and trillionaires would say is just build a bigger coffin.

Great job coaches—Molokai Farmers football is back! Congratulations to all the coaches, parents, players—now what are those boys going to do after practicing five days a week and looking forward to football on the weekends? Also congratulations to the Lady Farmers volleyball team, coaches and parents—they made it to state volleyball championship again.

Molokai Veterans Caring for Veterans (MVCV) Center is happening—we are keeping our eye on the ball—anyone wanting to help, contact Mac Poepoe. If all goes well we ought to turn-key early 2012. 

On 11-11-11, Veterans Day, there will be a ceremony at the Veterans Cemetery in Ho`olehua at 9:30 a.m.  Ted John and Bo Mahoe are co-chairing the event. Refreshments, entertainment and some speeches—come one, come all. Anyone wishing to help call 553-8387, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and talk with a watch commander.

Hasta la vista—until next time,

Larry Helm, Commander MVCV
Concerned Citizen of Molokai


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