Mini Mart Theft Apology

My apologies to the public, owners of Mini Mart, and the guy on the Mini Mart surveillance camera from the theft a few weeks ago – I am Lisette’s mother, and Lisette was on the surveillance camera. First of all, Ryan, the guy on the surveillance, along with the two girls – brother, I am sorry, but I need to tell everyone you were not involved with my daughter and what happened in the store. Ryan was helping with building my new house in Ho`olehua. He has more money than anyone of us and just moved here and building my house with Habitat for Humanity.

Because Ryan was on the surveillance camera it looked like he was involved but he was not. He was in the right place at the wrong time. Please accept my apology. As Lisette’s mom, I know what she did is wrong. I do not approve of it. I am very sorry for what she did. She’s 14 years old and the video on YouTube has caused a lot of problems with the kids at school who want to beat her up.

Kanoe Kekalia


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