Mike Molina – Maui County Council, Makawao-Haiku-Paia (Incumbant)

We have to boost the economy of Maui County because if we keep business strong, those revenues can be used to help Molokai. Everything is connected.

Another way to boost the economy for Molokai is working with the visitor industry on neighboring islands to put together attractive travel packages. We want to stimulate people to come to Molokai, but we have to do it on a small scale, with no large operations like cruise ships. We need to make Molokai something special that people can visit and enjoy.

We need to stimulate sustainable jobs, as well as address housing opportunities and services such as drug rehabilitation programs on Molokai. I think it’s important to keep the youth on the island, and as a former teacher, youth and education are areas I think are necessary to fund.

Budget cuts are inevitable in these tough economic times, but the County needs to see how we can tighten our own budget first. Sometimes in the worst of times, the best comes out. We need to look at lowering water rates to stimulate economy through agriculture, as well as marketing local products.

I am a veteran, and have long been involved community service projects. Candidates need to prove themselves long before they decide to run for office, and show a familiarity with the issues and people they will be working for. I am not working for just one issue, but have a broad range of concerns from the environment to affordable housing.

When choosing who you want to vote for, think about those members who are experienced, who have an open door policy, who will be a responsible candidate, and who don’t discriminate. I encourage residents to call candidates to talk to them personally and ask questions.


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