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MHS Culinary Club’s Journey

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By Chloe Tancayo and Jeremiah Mamuad, MHS WIN Writers 

The Molokai High School’s Culinary Club is an extracurricular activity run by Tiare Hubbard. The club began in 2022 and has become a popular endeavor for students interested in exploring the culinary arts and gaining hands-on experiences.

Recently, the club went on a cooking exploration trip, known as Foodie Explorations 2023, on Oahu, Sept. 14-17. 11 club members went on the trip: Tiare Hubbard, Marcus Hubbard, Revelation Moreno Perreira, Chevy and Shazen Bush, Iokua Place, Auli‘i Ching, Aiko Kanemitsu, Leah Kadowaki, Mark , Maximus Sakamoto, and Jake Wataoka.

The club visited ten different restaurants and food areas, including Ry’s Poke Shack, M. Matsumoto Shave Ice, Waiahole Poi Factory, and more. They also entered the “Localicious” recipe contest and are eagerly awaiting the judges’ replies.

The club also met local business owners, such as Elaine Matsuo from Waipahu High School’s culinary program and the staff of the Alohilani Resort. Matsuo showed club members her campus and inspired them to pursue their culinary dreams. Alohilani Resort staff discussed the students’ future careers in the hospitality and culinary fields. The club toured ballrooms and banquets at the Alohilani Resort and sampled different styles of dishes from around the world.

They also learned about the history and culture of some local Oahu businesses. The Waiahole Poi Factory has been passed down for generations, and the owner of Bada Bing Suhawaii started her business when she was very young, inspiring the club with her bravery and innovation. The club also met Mr. Matsumoto, who took the time to share his knowledge about running an iconic business on the north shore of Oahu.

In addition to the culinary experiences, the club saw many ways of cooking, such as baking, sauteing, grilling and frying. Many students were very motivated because of an interesting recipe or a way of cooking a piece of meat or vegetable and turning it into something greater than its usual form.

While the Culinary Club was continuing their journey, they visited the Waipahu High School academy’s headquarters, including its culinary program. The group also visited Kapi‘olani Community College to meet with its director and chairperson to discuss college exploration and the influence that the college has had on the club members’ perspectives.

The Culinary Club’s trip to Oahu was a success, and they left with a wealth of knowledge and experiences that they are excited to apply to their culinary endeavors. The club’s members are looking forward to continuing their culinary explorations and have plans to visit Chef Roy in October.

Overall, the Culinary Club has provided an excellent opportunity for students to explore their passion for the culinary arts and gain valuable experience. With Tiare Hubbard’s leadership and mentorship, the Molokai High School’s Culinary Club has become a beloved extracurricular activity and an inspiring community with supportive business owners and educators.


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