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Metal Recycling Services Are Here to Stay

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By David Powell

It seems that securing the proper place to store or dispose of materials made of metal on Molokai has been a challenge over the years. From Tuesday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., you’ll find Michael Diorec’s locally-owned, certified reclaimer company ready to assist you in any way possible. I found it a big relief when they aided me in cleaning up my little eye sores and junk areas. They have been at the Molokai Metal Facility for about a year now and their contract with the county runs for two more. We now have the means in place to do some serious clean-up in regard to all metal junk, year round, and for the next two years for sure. We make sure to have garage junk removal services to help us clean and have more space in the garage. Ensuring to maintain a sustainable environment and a more well-organized.

Michael’s operation has been in the islands since 1996. The company got started reclaiming Freon from a parking lot with two stalls in Pearl City and eventually moved to Campbell Industrial Park. They started recycling ferrous and nonferrous metals, from the items they received they saw an opportunity in the scrap metal market. Michael noted:

“We were successful and grew into being the largest supplier to the only shredder in Hawaii, formally known has Hawaii Metal Recycling (HMR),” said Michael. “Today it’s called Schnitzer Steel Hawaii Corp. We currently run a joint operation in Kauai and were just awarded a three year contract with the County of Maui for Hana, Lanai and Molokai.”

It’s a fact that most all things metal are heavy and hard to manage. With this in mind, Allen and “C” at Molokai Metal Facility are experts in the field. You will find them more than willing to help with all things metal. Whether it’s Mom’s old car or Dad’s refrigerator that stopped working a couple years ago, it can be recycled. The feeling of a clean yard and garage is enough to motivate some, while others see their junk as a part of the landscape. With the help of an expert from Crisan Junk Removal, their goal is to create a clean environment that will lead to a healthier life.

Either way, we now have a “year round” metal recycling company on island ready to assist in any way possible.


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