A Member’s Mana`o

To the Molokai Humane Society Board of Directors,
Having read and given much thought to recent articles in the Dispatch, and as a long-time member of the Humane Society, I am prompted to respond to the current issues.
The Humane Society volunteers, visiting vets, staff, board and supporters have done an incredible job with limited resources.  We all know that Tessa has been the operational backbone for some time.  The visiting vets have been saviors.  Dr. Hollis has shown her ability, dedication and willingness to come here full time.  Why would we insult her by looking elsewhere?
We need to keep in mind that the Molokai Humane Society’s purpose and objectives and continue to work towards these goals.

1.  To educate the community on the humane treatment of all animals. This is an ongoing effort.
2.  A rescue shelter. This has not been possible at the current facility or with the past funding, but should still be considered.
3.  An affordable spay and neuter clinic. This has been accomplished and can be increased.
4.  To foster the availability of quality veterinary     services. This was not originally an objective but has evolved due to no vet residing on Molokai for the past several years.

Now that there is much more funding available, I offer a proposal to seek the purchase of land, with or without an existing building, to be a more permanent facility.  This facility could be used as a rescue shelter and for any and all of the Molokai Humane Society’s purposes.  One section of this facility could be rented out to a vet or its use given to a vet in exchange for some spay and neuter services.
There should be no need for the hiring of an Executive Director because, as stated in the bylaws, section B of the president’s duties is to exercise general supervision and direction over the management and conduct of the business of the society.  This would save the proposed $40,000 expenditure.  Fundraising should be a board or committee function and someone could be hired on an “as needed” basis to write grants. 

I hope that my input, and hopefully input from the community and other members, is helpful to you in the important job of decision making to benefit our Molokai Humane Society.

Sally Harrold-Schachter


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