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Meeting To Discuss Reduced Harbor Security

DNLR News Release

Department of Land and Natural Resources is holding a community meeting regarding the security perimeter at the Kauanakakai Wharf to accommodate American Safari Cruises visits to Molokai. The meeting is on Monday, Jan. 30 at Mitchell Pauole Center at 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. We will address the experience last weekend and respond to the community. Reduced security to accommodate fishermen and canoe paddlers and lessen the inconvenience to the community will be discussed. All are invited. 


18 Responses to “Meeting To Discuss Reduced Harbor Security”

  1. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    Force wasn’t excessive it was deadly force plain and simple, where was the Coast Gaurds lesser means of force… Like a fire hose or riot equipped police officers seems like the govenors tactics was to scare the Molokai residents with a show of deadly force for a handfull of protesters…with that many officers out there they could have easily let fisherman out on the water, and canoe paddlers to practice there regular routine without the normal disrupttion to the cruise ship or the fisherman. The Coast Gaurd Commander knows it they just wanted to make a point. Ambercrombie just wanted to send a message that we will use deadly force if we have too… a scare tactic to calm the people. It did not have the desired effect instead it backfired and outraged the community of Molokai. Now they want to reduce it lol…ATM…The Coast Gaurd needs to remember they have to remain neutral with the community as a whole instaed of being one sided and just protecting the vessel. Screen the passengers comming off the ship too. Do your mission and remain neutral… OOh I forgot your just following orders from the govenor…lmao

  2. pahula68 says:

    Yep! Doesn’t take much to know who the idiots are whose only purpose in life is to take up space.

  3. Molokaiwahine says:

    Forgive and move on in your life. People in this community are moving on in their lives and working to live here on our beautiful island Molokai. There are many people who care about the environment and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation. Have you been up to forest lately with all the cigerette buds, toilet paper,beer bottles etc on our Aina?Have you seen the rubbish in wharf water? Have you seen the volunteers who go out and pick up the rubbish along the side of the our roads daily? Have You seen the candy wrappers etc on along the westend trail to Laau?
    One more thing it great that you want to tell everyone how you feel, freedom of speech, lucky we live in the United States and not the Middle East.
    Take care….God Bless you and your family….

  4. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    Already have seems like you haven’t…It’s amazing you seen all of this rubbish and did nothing about it so, its all talk no action…Unlike others if I see it I’ll clean it or burn it the Kanaka way… We even tell others to pick up there opala if we see them trashing the place but like you said its a free country right thats exactly what the tourist said…I would have made the effort just like we do in Wailau every year even if it wasn’t our trash we hauled 3 boat loads out…you seem to have been every where but do nothing about it… Don’t get it twisted its not how I feel its facts…not fiction $14.00…lol besides aren’t you the one who was complaining about jobs on MOLOKAI…see this is a job that would benifit you a 100 percent helping the aina and putting words into actions…but it doesn’t pay…get plenty job on Molokai its seems like you care enough to bring attention to it and sit by idle,while others do the work, do as I say but not as I do…

    No I live in HAWAII a country and the Middle east isn’t as bad as you think…have you been there?…You talk like you lived there all your life…if someone invaded my country I wolud do what I have too to defend it too just like them or you could end up like the KANAKA MAOLI Illeagaly overthrown,they learned from our mistake…aloha

  5. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    If you gonna insult someone do it to there face…

  6. Ka Lani Ali'i says:


  7. Molokaiwahine says:

    Why do you assume you are the only who has traveled the world? Why do you assume I am not doing my part for the environment?

    As for the people in world it is a few who want to rule and think they are GOD.

    I did not complain about jobs, I said jobs are limited on Molokai, I have experience unemployment and it is No fun.

    It does not matter what I or anyone says to you, you only hear yourself.Get OVER the PAST it going to make you sick physically and emotionally with all your anger.

    WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY about the past, CAN you explain?

    Take care and God Bless I truely hope you will open your heart and FORGIVE the PAST History and move on in your life!

  8. Ka Lani Ali'i says:

    I don’t assume anything but according to what your writing its like you have been there. But alot of your writing is contradiction to my personal experience there and else where in these so called third world countries that you always comparing to HAWAII. You constantly compare them to Hawaii when they have nothing to do with HAWAII. Have you been there is a great question for you well?…or did your read a book about it just like your $14.00 gas fairytale you came up with.

    No we learned from the past that’s how you get the word expirience it comes from your past. We also learned from history so we don’t repeat the past because it happens time and time again…Me I’m not angry you people on here have alot of negativity weren’t you the one complaining about its the protesters fault all this is happening…You talk of freedom and democracy yet when it works you complain about it…Make up your mind protesting is a part of the procedure of democracy. The economy is failing all over this country and its the protesters fault…lol No I never get sick haven’t been for awhile…you say God bless in here to me but you curse me with its gonna make you sick physically and emotionally…lmao so what is it a curse or blessing for me…

    Not at all angry just more aware of people like you who use god bless you and at the same time wish ill will on me emotionally and physically because of my personal thoughts and expressing it in writing, in a non-violent constructive means of self expression…seems to me like you have the anger management problem here. Well you aren’t the judge of me only god can see what’s truly in a mans heart and will judge me what you say doesn’t matter. I truly hope you learn more about god, alot of people talk and use it to benifit them so people see things there way and use quotes and scriptures… But the one thing I learned is the Bible is not for you to go correct others with it, its for you to correct yourself with… Forgiveness is the easy part and it’s not for them its for me.

    Move on in your life and stop making up stuff just to try and make a point. If you have no legitimate arguement don’t come on here lie and blame others for this and that…lol aloha and amen to that…lol

  9. Finding the Balance says:

    Your last line made sense…I have read many of your comments and pretty much taken a time out from these forums as it appears to keep going around in circles with an exception of a few…

    I hear you and also we must hear others too and not be quick to jump…Ultimately no matter what side of the line one is on, many will have much in common…Perhaps we should all see the underlying passion and put it together and who knows a solution may be formed…Only last week I talk to a good uncle on the protest line and even signed his petition because it all made sense… I love this Uncle that has taught all my children, but I also know that what I believe in makes sense to him too…although we share a different opinion on the boat.

    Trouble is clashing of opinions occur but this does not mean that we do not share many common interests and ultimate goals of the island….

    No matter where you have been, or what you have learnt…..many can still understand through other experiences of this world… I love this world, I love so many of the countries, nationalities world wide but I love Molokai as my home..
    Each place, each person may be different but I can bet you there are many similarities that we all share…

    War has changed many places and we should be so lucky to feel relatively safe here in Hawaii….I don’t think it is time to point fingers at any one if truly the ultimate goal is to find solutions which in other words equals peace.. I don’t think any of us want to be in situations where we are not sure if a bomb will be exploded, a gunman gunning people down or any of that stuff….. We in Hawaii are protected from much of the craziness in this world…

    I hope that one day that many can step back and see what is going on around us and just take a breath and breath and focus on moving forward and help create a future for our children.. I fear for my children the world that have in front of them but I also believe that we as adults can make a difference for them…but the thing is we all need to perhaps look into those eyes of the children, the innocent eyes with big dreams, the eyes that see no evil…and perhaps then we may then be able to find solutions that will take our place to a forward direction and one where solutions will be actively sought..

    That is my big question what is it that we want to leave for our children…the pointed finger at some one…or the welcoming hand…..the balance of life…..or the radical in thought and action……the fighting or peaceful solutions…

    so much to think about and hence this is why I strive and make this my goal to finding the balance as my children;s future depends on this….

  10. Molokaiwahine says:

    May God be with you and God says to Love and be a light for him….

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