Medical Records Update

Molokai Family Health Center News Release

We are writing to announce that a final decision has been reached that Molokai General Hospital (MGH) will be the permanent home for former Molokai Family Health Center patients’ electronic records. Molokai Family Health Center (MFHC) has no successor health care provider to preserve and maintain former patients’ electronic records and did not maintain any “paper charts.”

The Molokai Family Health Center officially closed one year ago on April 30, 2023. Prior to the closure, letters by mail, email and/or MyChart were sent to inform each patient that they could access their individual medical records on-line for an indefinite time at mychart@queens.org. Now we can confirm that the records may also be accessed through Molokai General Hospital at their medical records department and can be reached at (808) 553-3114.

Dr. Aluli was instrumental in shaping the vision of our present hospital and worked diligently in obtaining funding to make that vision a reality. We all feel secure that former Molokai Family Health Center patients’ medical records are being managed at Molokai General Hospital.

At this important moment of closure and changeover, we want to share our mahalo and deep aloha to everyone who has assisted with the transition and closing of the Molokai Family Health Center when, on November 30, 2022, Dr. Aluli, unexpectedly passed away. We are so grateful for the aloha and support of many persons and entities.


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