A Meaningful Christmas At Kualapu`u School

Kualapu`u School’s Christmas Assembly was held Wednesday, December 20th to the delight of all those who attended. The assembly was themed ‘Gifts of Love” for several important reasons.

Kualapu`u School students have been anxiously engaged in supporting a fellow student since the later part of October. “Help Tom to Help His Mom Project” is aimed at helping student Tom Walter Lee-Palu and his mother, Karen, who has been undergoing treatment for cancer.

A fourth grader in Mr. Henry Pali’s class, Tom is an only child and has previously suffered the loss of his father. Aid to Tom includes a group of people at the school who provide a positive way for him to work through his feelings.

Through the school’s intervention program it was suggested that a recycling program be used to provide Tom with positive leadership skills as well as a chance to raise money to assist his family. Joran Dudoit and Dani Dela Cruz have assisted Tom in organizing and carrying out the recycling campaign while Vicki Boswell, School Counselor has worked directly with the family to see that Tom’s academic and social needs are being meet while Karen is away for treatments.


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