Mayor Approves 2012 Budget

Maui County News Release

Mayor Alan Arakawa approved Maui County’s budget for fiscal year 2012 last week, praising County Council members and his own budget office staff for their hard work. The budget was approved at $475.3 million, a 9 percent increase from the current fiscal year.

“This is a good budget. About 98 percent of my office’s proposed operational budget was left intact,” Arakawa said. “Council Chairman Mateo and Budget Committee Chairman Joe Pontanilla have done a commendable job bringing the Council together to make some tough decisions.”

The mayor said he particularly appreciated the Council’s support of the following projects:
–         $16.2 million to upgrade the public safety radio system
–         $17 million to complement building construction funds for the Kihei police station
–         $4 million to buy the land needed for the Central Maui Regional Park
–         $24 million in nonprofit funding restored

The mayor was also pleased that the Council supported an end to the furloughs so County workers can get back to work and serve the public full-time.  The Council’s support of the mayor’s attrition program also means the County can start reducing the cost of government by reducing its workforce.

One area of concern included the Council’s decision to cut $25 million in Department of Water Supply projects.  The mayor said these water projects are needed so that the County can eventually get water to all those who need it, especially for Upcountry residents.

 “Our water system needs must be addressed before we can address those on the list for water meters,” he said.

The mayor said there were many other important “must fund” projects which had its funding deleted by Council members. But the mayor also said that Council members have been receptive to the budget amendments that he plans to submit on behalf of those projects.

“I have already spoken to members of the Council about these amendments,” the mayor said. “They understand that we need these amendments so that our departments can do the work that the public expects them to do.”


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