Mayor Appreciates Community’s Support in Water Battle

The County's water meeting on July 8 was well-attended, as more than 200 community members attended to express their concerns and possible solutions for the potential water crisis in the west end.

Over 200 people attended a Molokai community meeting conducted by Mayor Charmaine Tavares and Council Member Danny Mateo. The large crowd at the Mitchell Pauole Community Center spent a little over two and a half hours providing public comments on the anticipated termination of water and sewer services to approximately 1,200 West Molokai residents.

Molokai Ranch, the owner and operator of the utility services, announced recently that it will cease its operations at the end of next month.

“I am very pleased with the participation from the Molokai community. Council Member Mateo and I went there to assure the people of Molokai that we are very concerned for their welfare, hear their comments, and respond to questions. It was a terrific opportunity for us to speak directly with the public and dispel rumors, and correct inaccurate
information" said Mayor Tavares.

"It was heartening to hear the majority of speakers encourage the County to continue its efforts to hold Molokai Ranch accountable for abandoning such essential services."


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