Mayor and Priest Relax on Molokai

This is not a political statement, but I wanted to mahalo both Molokai’s own Father Lane Akiona for filling in at St. Damien of Molokai church as we wait for our new pastor, Father Patrick Fanning sscc, and also Mayor “Uncle Mike” and Aunty Joyce Victorino for joining us for mass, and Aloha Festival.  I got to see both of them at a pa’ina after a funeral earlier that day.  Father Lane looked happy to be home and with familiar company. He blended right in, especially at our Country Fair.  Home will always be home, as he shared at one his homilies.  Glad for him to have a break and feel rejuvenated to serve back at busy St. Augustine’s, Waikiki.

Also glad to see Uncle Mike and Aunty Joyce just enjoy themselves being with people, aside from listening to people’s concerns. They did not come to pass out any items, articles or pamphlets; I was impressed that they just wanted to lay low and relax from their busy jobs on Maui.  When they joined us for Mass, they welcomed them like regular visitors ushered them in and show them the restrooms.  People glanced at him and exclaimed, “It’s the mayor,” but also a lot of “hushes”.  They really appreciated that, and it was an honor for us to have them.  That experience shows humility and that we all need the Lord, even if you are regular average person, a pastor, a mayor, or even the pope.  For me, thankful for Molokai being a place to rejuvenate.  I’m sure uncle and aunty had fun and rejuvenated for their work on Maui.   Wouldn’t you want the same if you were a pastor or a mayor?

Marc Aquino


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