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Maui County Gets Nearly $100M in State Funds

By The Molokai Dispatch Staff

Nearly $100 million in capital improvement projects (CIP) and grant-in-aid appropriations, including Molokai projects, were included in the final version of the state budget, voted on in conference committee last week. Assistant Majority Floor Leader Lynn DeCoite of Molokai, chair of the Senate Committee on Energy, Economic Development, and Tourism, announced the funding. 

Several Molokai projects received CIP funding. The Molokai Irrigation System was given $2,000,000 for improvements. The Hoʻolehua Veteran’s Cemetery received $650,000 for upgrades and site improvements for fiscal year 2024 and 2025. The Kalaupapa Settlement received $540,000 for remediation of hazardous materials, also over the next two years. 

In addition to the more than $78 million in CIP funding that was included in the state budget, $17,800,000 was appropriated for improvement projects at various schools in the district.  

For Molokai, these projects included $6,510,000 for projects at Molokai Complex Area Schools related to design, improvements, and maintenance projects at Kaunakai Elementary School, Kilohana Elementary School, Kualapuʻu Elementary Public Conversion Charter School, Maunaloa School, Molokai Middle School and Molokai High School. Additionally, $2,000,000 for plans and designs of athletics and physical education facilities at Molokai Middle School was awarded. 

As a member of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, DeCoite also played a role in securing additional funding for other Molokai projects. These included $10,000,000 for food innovative centers statewide — $1,500,000 for Molokai and $1,500,000 for Maui — $6,165,000 for statewide axis deer mitigation, and $1,600,000 for EMS Molokai ambulance and personnel. 

Additionally, Molokai received $483,796 to fund two positions for Bovine tuberculosis mitigation efforts over the next two fiscal years. 

“I am deeply grateful to Representative Kyle Yamashita, Senator Donovan Dela, and Senator Gil Keith-Agaran for their invaluable support in helping to secure the funding needed to address many of the concerns that Maui Nui residents face every day,” said DeCoite. “Without a doubt, these funds will significantly contribute to our endeavors to enhance the standard of living for our constituents and their families.” 


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