Maui County General Plan Back on Track


By Léo Azambuja

Now that the La`au Point proposed development has stepped off the headlines, it seems that island residents can forget about political affairs and take care of personal issues for a while. But as calm as the political realm on Molokai may seem, there is something just as big as the La`au Point development lurking on the horizon; the Maui County General Policy Plan.

The General Plan contains broad policy objectives applying to all of Maui County. However, the Plan will be slightly different on each island. On Molokai it will set forth the general direction island residents want the County to take here in the next 20 years.

Each island in the Maui County has its own General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), which will contribute to the final countywide General Plan. The folks who make up the Molokai GPAC are currently fine-tuning Molokai’s version of the General Plan.

Meetings are generally held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at Mitchell Pauole Center at 12:30 p.m.

Last week Wednesday the GPAC met with Maui Long Range Division planners, placing emphasis on diversifying transportation, and strengthening local economy.

The Molokai Dispatch usually publishes public announcements for the meetings, and it’s important for the community to testify. The public is permitted to testify whenever the plan is reviewed.

To view the General Plan and revisions proposed by the Molokai GPAC see Maui County website at:

A copy of the draft General Plan may also be reviewed at the Molokai Library, and at the Department of Planning Office at the Mitchell Pauole Center (553-3221). The draft General Plan is divided into 11 sections: Education, Social and Health Care Services, Natural Environment, Local Culture and Traditions, Land Use and Population, Infrastructure, Housing, Parks and Public Facilities, Good Governance, and Transportation.


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