Mateo Challenged for Exceeding Term Limits


Collins said his client is one of many residents who have raised objections to Mateo’s candidacy.

“She feels very strong that we have a charter and voters picked term limits specifically so that our government wouldn’t get bogged down in incumbency,” he said.

Mateo did not return calls for comment.

Laid-Woods had filed an objection to Mateo’s nomination papers with the county clerk’s office on Aug. 11, but County Clerk Jeffrey Kuwada ruled that it was “not sustained.” Along with her petition to the court against Mateo, Laid-Woods has filed a petition against Kuwada, arguing he failed to perform his duty by not submitting her objection to the court for a final determination.

A hearing is scheduled for Sept. 16 in Maui. If Mateo is barred from the election, there would be a special election to fill his seat.


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