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Mateo Appointed as County Clerk

Maui County Council News Release

Former Maui County Council Chair and Molokai representative Dennis “Danny” Mateo has been appointed as the new County Clerk. After serving as a councilmember for 10 years, Mateo has recently worked as Executive Assistant to Mayor Alan Arakawa.

“He is a consummate professional,” Council Chair Gladys Baisa said. “He dedicates every ounce of himself to the job. Let’s get going, we have lots of work to do!”

Mateo addressed council members’ concerns about a potential conflict of interest about being a former elected official and currently working for the administration.

“I don’t see a conflict and in fact, I think it helps,” Mateo responded. “A line can be drawn between involvement, association and participation with my experience.”

Mateo noted that he is not the first elected official to serve in the same capacity. Former Councilmember Rick Medina was appointed as Deputy County Clerk in the past.
“Danny would not do anything to jeopardize his credibility and integrity,” said Councilmember Stacy Crivello.

The Office of the County Clerk receives and maintains certain public records and makes them available to the public. The office is also responsible for elections in the County of Maui and the County of Kalawao.

According to Mateo, assuring a “smooth and unflawed 2014 election process” will be his top priority as County Clerk. “It will be a learning curve for me but I will not hesitate to request information from state election officers to make sure that we are up to par with standards.”

As Council Chair, Mateo became familiar with many procedures within the Office of the County Clerk. “I realize that there are major issues that need to be addressed on how the office can provide efficient and effective service to the citizens,” Mateo said. “The office has excellent staff that I will work closely with to gain stability.”

Mateo further commented that he is “anxious and excited” for the opportunity to serve the people in this new position. As a former elected official, he said he is aware of the challenges associated with voter registration and civic engagement.

Mateo is a son of a sakada, the group of Filipino immigrants who came over to work in the plantation, from Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines. He was raised in Paia, lived on the island of Hawaii, then moved to Molokai where he operated a company that rented cars and mules for the Kalaupapa trail ride.

Since that time, he has dedicated himself to working as a public servant and this new opportunity will allow him to continue to serve the County of Maui.


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  1. janelee says:

    We are truly blessed! No greater friend and community advocate can be had in this one loyal citizen of our island. We truly appreciate his aloha for all the people of Maui County.

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