Massive Marijuana Cultivation Found in Ho`olehua

Cabanting said there were trails leading to adjacent properties, west and east of his land. “This is not deer trail now,” he said, pointing to unusually wide trails through the grass. “When it’s this wide, it is human trail.”

“Nobody has ever done this to us,” Cabanting said. He was concerned about his property. “We can lose this,” he said. “We can lose the whole 40 acres.”

“My wife and I don’t do drugs,” Cabanting said. He and his wife were outraged someone chose his property to plant marijuana. The Cabantings have two young children living with them.

Federal conviction for trafficking 100 or more marijuana plants is punishable with 5-40 years in prison, plus up to $2 million in fines, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency. Under Hawaii State law, cultivation of 25 plants is a felony, and cultivation of 100 or more plants is punishable with 20 years in jail plus a $50,0000 fine. All those charges are for first offense, and could double with a second offense.

Meanwhile, police said there were not enough leads to pursue an investigation. If anyone has information that could give police any pointers, please call 553-5355.


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