Mary Victory

Mary Napua Aki Victory died on Feb. 26, 2011, at age 70. She was born June 8, 1940, and worked in the medical profession for many years in Schaumburg, Ill. She loved and cared for her patients and always went above and beyond to visit and comfort them. Her quiet spirit and caring ways spoke volumes about her character.

She is survived by her children, Kevin Victory, Michael Victory, Kenneth Victory, Lee Cook, Jacqueline Sabir; brothers Kalani and Abraham Aki; sisters Nei Curtis, Nani Street, Anna Newsome, Emily Swabba and Mahiki Lankford; and a precious host of grandchildren. 

As a mother, grandmother, sister and friend Mary’s steadfast words of wisdom are “Trust and look to the Lord.” As written by her daughter, Jacqueline Sabir: As I reflect upon my last moments with her I witnessed her unwavering faith, her desire, to be “A living testimony…” Her son Lee said, “Mom built a bridge that connected the family.” Her brother Kalani said, “Although the occasion was sad it was a joyous one and we need to continue to come together in love and unity.” Did mom believe that God was going to heal her? Most definitely! She shared this with Brother Ted Cardwell (a dear friend) and he said, “Be it according to your faith.”

In closing, the family would like to thank Pastor Cameron Hiro and his wife of Heart of Aloha Church for transportation, Patrick Hiro for the ono chicken heka, Pastor Ching for transportation and outdoor equipment, lastly thanks to cousins Rudy and Richard Cabanting and John Aki who prepared the burial ground and made themselves available. A warm mahalo to all.


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