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Mana`e Moku Community Meeting

Community Contributed

By Walter Ritte, Aha Kiole Planning and Consultation

The second meeting regarding the Mana`e Watershed Plan, which calls for extensive fencing of our mountains from Kapualei to Halawa, will be held Friday, Oct. 25. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at Kilohana.

The first Mana`e Moku meeting was well-attended, and presentations were made explaining that the government and private landowners have formed a partnership to manage our mountains. A draft plan has been submitted and now community participation and input is needed.

The draft plan calls for the “improvement and protection of the existing watershed” in our mountains, relying on fencing as the primary solution.

The plan needs input from those who use the mountains, so that these users and uses are protected in the plan. There is very little information in the plan on what resources are being used and the amounts being used — who uses the mountains, how often, which mountains, and how is access being accomplished.

The users and the resources being used for subsistence are protected by our state constitution. If no one comes to the meetings to establish and record these uses, you and your future generations may lose your rights to subsistence activities in the mountains.

Thus far, there is agreement on the goal of “watershed protection.” There is nothing in the plan that will also improve and protect subsistence activities.

This second meeting will include updates, and time to accept and record mana`o from the community. The Mana`e Moku will continue to have meetings until the plan reflects the goals and objectives of the Mana`e community in the management of our mountains. The Mana`e Moku will be working closely with the Department of Land and Natural Resources, which has paid for this plan, to insure that everyone’s goals are reflected.

Those who should attend this meeting include DLNR, land owners, gatherers, hunters, aha moku members and community.


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