Man Charged with Attempted Murder

A Molokai man has been charged with attempted murder after he rammed into his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle in Kaunakakai on Jan. 7. The collision sent his vehicle through the fence and into a tree at Kaunakakai Elementary School. School was out for winter break at the time.

The 38-year-old man, Pakluke Lau, also known as Ula, was flown to Oahu to be treated for injuries, while the 35-year-old woman was taken to Molokai General Hospital and soon released.

On Jan. 25, Lau was arrested on charges of first-degree attempted murder, two counts of terroristic threatening in the first degree, two counts of violating an order for protection and reckless driving. He is being held on $123,000 bail, according to court records. The complaint, filed by the state’s deputy prosecuting attorney, states Lau intentionally engaged in conduct he intended to culminate in murder in the first degree.

Around 7:30 on the morning of Jan. 7, Lau’s ex-girlfriend was driving west on Kamehameha V Highway and saw Lau’s vehicle approaching her rapidly from behind. After hitting the woman’s vehicle, Lau’s vehicle ripped through the school fence and hit a tree in the playground.

Last summer, Lau was released in a pending case with 15 counts of violation of order for protection and one count of unauthorized entry into a dwelling, involving the same ex-girlfriend, according to court records.

Lau’s criminal record dates back more than 10 years and includes second degree assault, first-degree criminal trespassing, first degree burglary and multiple counts of criminal contempt of court.


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