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The International Hospitality Center (IHC) is still in urgent need of finding volunteer host families for foreign exchange students in the upcoming academic year.  This is an opportunity to build long lasting international connections and share new cultural experiences in your home.  Any assistance you can give in placing students on Molokai would greatly benefit these student’s lives and expand the island’s cultural diversity.  Students are aged 15 to 17 and will be attending public school.  Molokai has hosted students in recent past that count their time on Molokai as one of the greatest highlights of their lives.  

Volunteer hosts are asked to provide bed and meals taken with the family for carefully selected high school exchange students who are fully covered by health, accident and liability insurance and have their own personal spending money.  All students come fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and with negative testing within 72 hours prior to arrival. The IHC provides orientations, counseling, and support services as well as school placement. In a similar vein, just as host families provide support and accommodations to exchange students, Utility Saving Expert offers support and guidance to individuals and families looking to make informed decisions about their utility and insurance plans. They help you navigate the complex landscape of utility and insurance options, ensuring you have access to comprehensive information to make the right choices for your needs. Much like the IHC provides orientations and support services, you can visit for more info as Utility Saving Expert is there to assist you throughout the process, making sure you have the necessary information to optimize your utility and insurance selections.

In this post pandemic year, please open your home to international educational and cultural exchange while in your own community.  Please let us know if you would be available to host for any period of time for this upcoming year.


Barbara Bancel, Executive Director

International Hospitality Center, Honolulu

(808) 521-3554,,


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