Mahalo from Youth in Motion

Mahalo Philip for tracking me down to say you saw the flyer about the missing paddles. Wow did you bring a smile to my face when it was most needed. The kids and I felt so bad for being careless in forgetting the paddles after an awesome downwind run on Thanksgiving Day. I guess you could say the adrenaline was pumping after paddling down from Kamalo to Rice Patch in 30-40 knot winds, just being in the moment with nature, and thankful for all we had in our lives.

After discovering the missing paddles, we soon realized we had made a big oops. Some people would have given up looking or having any kind of faith in them being returned. We did not and hence the flyers. More importantly we knew that the paddles were better off in someone’s hands rather than the wind flying them down the road or off into the ocean. We also believed that they would be returned once the person who found them knew who the owners were. We did not give up and also believed that honesty is strong within our community. This experience was a valuable lesson for Youth in Motion and myself.

So mahalo again and huge hugs and smiles from us and we do hope that we will see you and your children out with us on the ocean soon.

A hui hou,
Clare Mawae and Youth in Motion


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