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Mahalo to Kalua Koi Outfitters

I would like to take this opportunity to shout out a heartfelt mahalo nui loa to the Kalua Koi Outfitters. This family run business is doing a big service for our island people who depend on the local food bank during these hard times.

They are blessing us through Kaunakakai Baptist Church with deer meat whenever they get some! Our freezer is only being stocked through their generosity. This is such a blessing to those who cannot provide for themselves. They have found a way to support their family and give back by donating much needed meat to our island families.

I have heard some very negative and false statements made by some Molokai people!
It saddens me that out of jealousy or ignorance, or perhaps just the need to promote trouble, people can be so destructive!

On an island where work is so hard to find and we struggle to become self sufficient and live a sustainable life style, those who struggle to earn a living and use the resources we have are being “bad mouthed.” In these times, when we are struggling, there are a few who are stepping up and helping to feed our island.

Kalua Koi Outfitters are those who have been blessing the Molokai Food Bank through Kanakakai Baptist Church.

When the state is eradicating hundreds of deer by helicopter and leaving the meat to rot on mountainsides, it seems a good thing for Kalua Koi Outfitters to give back that which sustains them. The few deer they kill are a blessing to so many!

Again, mahalo to Kalua Koi Outfitters for their kindness and generosity. Those families you are feeding send their aloha.

In appreciation,

Megan Sanford
Molokai Food Bank and Kaunakakai Baptist Church


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