Mahalo, Misaki’s

Thank God for Kevin Misaki and all of the wonderful people that work at Misaki’s to bring the people of Molokai food to nourish their bodies and minds. The very trying times that COVID has had on the people of Molokai have deepened our appreciation of those working at Misaki’s who have given so very much, often putting others above their own safety. Through endless weeks, months and years, Kevin and his employees persevered and gave endless hours of their time, energy, kindness, politeness and helpfulness to the people of Molokai. Upon entering Misaki’s grocery store from now on, I plan on shouting, “Thank God for Kevin Masaki.” 

Kevin and his crew have worked tirelessly to help the people of Molokai keep food on their tables for themselves and their children and still do every day!

Nicholas Benvenuto


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