Mahalo for Helping Mikayla

Our family and friends back home . . . It is amazing how the distance between us does not seem to affect the bond we all share.   Our little princess Mikayla has touched your hearts somehow, someway and in turn your thoughts and prayers has lifted us through this difficult time.  Prayers can change things.  Recently our daughter visited the Transplant Institute of Loma Linda Medical Center in California.  We had such good news!  The transplant team concluded that Mikayla will not be needing a liver transplant urgently!  Her score for placement on the liver transplant list is still low.  However, it is certain that she will need a liver transplant.  When?  No one knows.  It could be a year from now, or even longer, only God will know when that time will be.  We are so relieved, we have time on our side to allow our little baby to grow a little more so that she will be more prepared for this big surgery in the future.  It is proven that the outcome of a liver transplant is much more successful after the age of one.   

For now, we live our life with some sort of normalcy.  We get to enjoy our baby a while more and watch  her achieve her  milestones as many other children her age do.   There will be a time again when we would have to cross another bridge, but this time we will be stronger than ever because we know we have all of you lifting us up.  

We are so grateful for all of you back home.  The phone calls, cards, your generous donations, and most of all knowing that you are keeping our daughter Mikayla in your thoughts and prayers.   

We just want to thank our parents Walter and Kehau Kaiama, and Carlina Aguirre for being there for us always and for just being our parents.  Thank you to our sisters Yvette, Hema, and Gina you are such wonderful aunties.  Puni, Hana, Zhan you are so awesome!  What would we do without you!  You certainly have kept Mikayla’s presence so present there back home.  Auntie Jaime, Uncle George, Auntie Moana and Auntie Raquel, Candy and Oboy Pedro, Frank and Ui Borden, Auntie Maka, Uncle Tony, the Lagazos, Antonio’s, Aunties in Maui, Lanson Kaupu,  the boys- Larry, Honda, Kamaile, Shane, and Ahi — thank you for your generous donations.  Kahealani – you are so patient,  Pound for Pound, Ua Mau, Six Pack we sure missed some good entertainment!  Our friends in Kalaupapa – you are so dear to us.  Brandon, Haley, Lindsey, Sean, Pat, Uncle Cliff and Auntie Raina – you are our home away from home.  A heartfelt thank you to everyone in the community for your donations, your prayers, and your concerns.  We love all of you.   

Brada and Glenda Kaiama


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