Mahalo for a Full Memorial

We would like to express our deep, heartfelt mahalo to all who thought of Don on April 6, 2011 – Don’s memorial began tumultuously with thunder and wind-blown rain, and ended spectacularly with sunbeams and crystal waves, echoing our emotions since the loss of our beloved Don Espaniola Jr. We have so many people to thank for their prayers, their support and for their unconditional giving and aloha – lucky we live Molokai, where a simple nod of the head, a touch on the arm, says everything without a single word; where coolers are magically filled with food and drink; where tables miraculously get crowded with dish after dish; in a place where we don’t have much, you gave so much.  God has been so good to us.  Big hugs and kisses to the McCutcheons, Bicoys, Santiagos, Hiros, Molokai High School’s class of 1995, and to the rest of our extended Espaniola `ohana who’s always there, taking care of the people.  Thank you so much to Don’s friends, who came to say goodbye, mahalo to our many faithful friends and family members who were there for us – you are why we will get through this.  A special shout out to Don’s cousins, they have been unwavering in all of this, we are so proud of the young adults they have come to be.  Thank you Detective Gene Santiago and the Molokai Police Department, Molokai Mortuary, Moana’s Flower Shop, the Molokai Ranch staff for your professionalism and support, to the Kaluakoi residents for your sensitivity and patience throughout one of the most difficult situations a family should have to endure, and to the Lorico/Yap `ohana for your understanding and contributions.  Thank you. “If the world could be more like Molokai, it would be a better place,” said Randy Shank, Aimee’s brother.

Aimee Shank Espaniola (Don’s wife) of Henderson, Nevada; Teris Espaniola (Don’s mother) and Frederick Zarndt of San Diego, California; Leolani Espaniola (Don’s sister) of San Jose, California; the Moses & JoJo Espaniola Familia of Maunaloa, Molokai


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