Mahalo from an Exchange Student

This is Johnson Harris and you probably know me as the kid who rides his bike all around.  Well, I am from Liberia. I came to Molokai as part of the American Government Culture Exchange Program for this past school year.  I was hosted by the James and Vicki Boswell for the past school year while attending Molokai High School as a junior.

Living on Molokai has been a wonderful experience!  Thank you for befriending me, teaching me the culture of Hawaii and also of America.  I am writing this to extend my appreciation to the people of Molokai. You enriched my Hawaiian experience by your friendliness and generosity. I have learned and experienced a lot which I will cherish when I return home to Liberia in two weeks.

I encourage anyone who is able to, to please host exchange students because it makes a big difference in our lives.




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