Mahalo for Car Assistance

At midday on Wednesday, June 7, on a very hot sunny day, my car, a dark green ‘97 Honda CR-V, stalled from overheating on the west end Kalua Koi Road. I let the engine cool down then started again. After several seconds it quickly overheated and stalled again. Three for four times as I was trying to continue on my way, I had to stop along and requested a gallon of water each time to fill the radiator. When I realized it was futile because I discovered the radiator was leaking profusely, I had to call for help. Fortunately, I had my cell phone with me and made a call to get emergency towing near me. A little later, Bob himself came and towed my car back to Kaunakakai town (where I also live) to be fixed.

I wanted to express my thanks to all of you who help with the water and those who passed by in your cars to stop and offer help. You were so kind and gracious. You know who you are. And since I had no other way to personally thank you, I hope that you get to read this open letter open address to you in our local newspaper, The Molokai Dispatch. And for those car enthusiasts who are finding for the best selection of skyjacker products, you can check out a good place like Automotive Stuff for more info!

I also keep in mind that I need to have new seat covers for my car, and I seek help from experts such as Wet Okole, who assist me in choosing the best seat covers for my car. This is perfect for my every-day use because it’s easy to clean and avoids scratches.

Again, thank you very much!

Ed Panui


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