Machado Should Look in the Mirror


This just shows how out of touch Trustee Machado is with the Molokai people, and with reality.

At the November LUC hearings, nearly 300 Molokai community members protested against the La'au development. These activists were not "loud" (except in clapping after testimonies), nor were their voices ever "angry" or "unreasonable." On the contrary, they were full of aloha for La'au Point and Moloka'i, and their testimonies were extremely thorough and well-informed. Indeed, they spoke with a beautiful combination of knowledge and passion about the issue.

This is what LUC Commissioner Wong expressed (transcripts): “I must say that the testimony was extremely informative. They were well prepared. And more importantly they brought to bear all of the issues. They brought it on the table. And the people of the community expressed their thoughts and their feelings.”

The large majority of Molokai residents (not a “minority”) were against the La’au Point development. No one wanted to see workers lose their jobs; and thus, the community tried to invite Trustee Machado and Molokai Ranch “back to the table” to find acceptable alternative solutions. They never came, and now we have a crisis.

Therefore, Miss Machado really ought to look in the mirror before casting blame on anyone else.

Mahalo nui loa,

Kalani Thompson



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