A Long, Fruitful Life

,” said Molina in an earlier interview, “I was told about another island called Molokai that offered more jobs and better working conditions.”

He soon found work with the Libby McNeil Company working the pineapple fields on Molokai. This being the 1930’s, Molina and the other workers were paid less than a dollar a day for their 12 hours of hard labor.

After 37 years with Libby, Molina thought it best to retire, but life brought him a new job – caring for his family. His daughter Anabel recalled that Enrique would cook nightly while his two daughters were in high school. And that wasn’t all.

“He washed and hung the family’s clothing with perfection,” remembered Anabel, “neatly folded our clothes and placed them in their proper place.”
Molina lived in Kaunakakai all of his time on Molokai. After a few years of retirement, he grew anxious and picked up work part-time at Misaki’s Store and also with American Savings Bank.

A tireless worker, Molina was always quick to help in any situation, according to those who knew him. Whether helping out with family duties or in his daily work in the community, he always completed his tasks with efficiency and without complaints, said his family.

But the love of his life was always his family. Enrique is survived by his daughters, each of whom has one child. Anabel has a daughter that is nearly 2 year old, Alexis Taylor Leigh Molina and his other daughter, Bernadette has a son Mathew who is eight years old

And one must not forget his wife, Leonida Molina. Speaking of how they met, Leonida recalled that she was living in the Philippines. Her cousin said she should meet a nice gentleman visiting family from Hawaii who turned out to be Enrique.

“I was looking for a way to get away and Enrique was such a gentleman,” said Leonida.
The couple married in 1970 and had been inseparable that entire time.

Speaking of their love, daughter Anabel said, “He honored his love for my Mom and was so dearly devoted to her that if she had left him before he did,” she continued, “I know he would have died of a broken heart.”

The love people had for Enrique was on full display at his services two weeks ago. The St. Sophia Church was full to the brim with friends and family, some who had traveled from neighboring islands.

It was a testament to what his daughter Anabel said, “My dad – he is a man of many strengths.”


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