Local Poet Shares Recent Works

By Billy Howl-Sinnard


it's time

to look at the good

the locals

people with aloha

say it's all good

all roads

take you there

brah whether you

willin' not

don't matter

you a son

of the four worlds

you got relatives



and free

until world

shake again

enjoy every minute

Hawaii Nei

for Iz

Perched atop his belly,

the ukelele was a bright bird

singing, petted and preened

in enormous hands.

Fingers the size of logs

felled for outriggers

rode the strings

like koa longboards

poised on the waves

at Makaha.

A boy's bashful honesty

spoke of Hawaii nei, childhood,

and love for his parents.

A mother from Ni'ihau.

A disillusioned father,

who worked lifelong

at Pearl Harbor, died

of a shipwrecked heart.

He visited in a dream

to warn of the perils

in the ha'oles' ways.

Take another look, son,

before it's too late,

at where you're going.

A 700 lb. man-child's

sweet island voice,

like trade winds, charmed

the breathless world.



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