Local Musician Celebrates CD Release

Kalele Bookstore News Release

Kalele Bookstore, with support from the Molokai Arts Center, will be hosting a CD release party to celebrate the release of local musician Zelie Kuliaikanu`u Duvauchelle’s new album “Hū!” The party will be on Monday, Feb. 27 starting at 5:30 p.m. The potluck event will be held at Kalele Bookstore, is open to the public and participants may bring wine to drink. Copies of the CD are on sale at the bookstore, or can be downloaded electronically from cdbaby.com/cd/zeliekuliaikanuuduvauche2.

“Hū” in Hawaiian means “to rise, swell, effervesce.”

“The rising and pouring forth of love for the `aina (land) through song is a long standing tradition in Hawaii,” the CD jacket reads. “It is this paradigm that I intend to exemplify. The mythical symbolism ever present in Hawaiian music moves and excites me and I strive to bring this same essence to all the music I write and perform…

Being a native of Hawaii, I feel it is my kuleana, right and responsibility, to perpetuate what I believe to be the laws of Hawaiian cosmology: we are all united by Energy, we are more than physical beings, we are here to live in harmony with God and Nature, and that our words, prayers, chants and songs reflect our acknowledgement of the divinity of all things and people.”


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