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Local Election Results


This year’s General Election brought results that shook the nation, with Republican Donald Trump becoming the President elect over Hillary Clinton. Maui County’s results largely favored incumbents but saw some changes in the County Council. Molokai’s Lynn DeCoite won the District 13 State Representative race over challenger Nick Nikhilananda. For federal representation, Brian Schatz held his seat as U.S. Senator and Tulsi Gabbard remains the District II U.S. Representative. Stacy Helm Crivello remains Molokai’s County Council member, winning the election over Keani Rawlins-Fernandez. Upsets in the county council include Alika Atay sweeping incumbent Dain Kane, and Kelly King topping incumbent Don Couch.

Results that directly affect Molokai politics are listed below, with statewide results listed.

Results from elections.hawaii.gov, compiled by The Molokai Dispatch.


Candidate                                Votes                     Percentage

U.S. Senator

(D) Brian Schatz                     306,543                       70.1%

(R) John Carroll                      92,620                         21.2%


U.S. Representative, Dist II

(D) Tulsi Gabbard                   170,829                       76.2%

(R) Angela Aulani Kaaihue   39,662                           17.7%


State Representative, Dist 13

(D) Lynn DeCoite                   5,824                           63.1%

(G) Nick Nikhilananda            2,773                           30.0%


Councilmember (Molokai)

Stacy Helm Crivello                22,762                         43.0%

Keani Rawlins-Fernandez       18,494                         34.9%


Councilmember (East Maui)

Robert (Bob) Carroll               25,271                         47.7%

Shane Sinenci                            9,118                           36.1%


Councilmember (West Maui)

Elle Cochran                           31,968                         60.4%

Ernest Z. Kanamu Balinbin     12,574                      23.7%


Councilmember (Wailuku-Waihee-Waikapu)

Alika Atay                               23,320                         44.0%

Dain P. Kane                           22,512                         42.5%


Councilmember (Kahului)

Don S. Guzman                      30,762                         58.1%

Vanessa A. Medeiros               13,786                        26.0%


Councilmember (South Maui)

Kelly Takaya King                  23,641                         44.6%

Don Couch                              22,589                         42.7%


Councilmember (Makawao-Haiku-Paia)

Mike White                             25,769                         48.7%

Trinette K. Furtado                 20,397                        38.5%


Councilmember (Upcountry)

Yuki Lei Kashiwa Sugimura   23,263                         43.9%

Napua Greig-Nakasone           22,211                         41.9%


Councilmember (Lanai)

Riki Hokama                           23,270                         43.9%

Gabe Johnson                          19,091                         36.1%


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