Local Couple Wait to Legalize Vacation Rental

Molokai Planning Commission (MPC) went along with Molokai Community Plan and didn’t support a request from one of its own members to legalize a vacation rental. However, the commission didn’t disapprove the request either. Instead, MPC members unanimously voted to make a motion to defer the request.

MPC then voted unanimously to defer the request. It also recommended that the Feeters should be exempted from enforcement until the approval process is over. Yoshida said the vote won’t hold authority on the enforcement – all it does is to send a letter of recommendation to defer the decision.

The Feeters are one of the few vacation rental owners who have come forward after Maui County threatened to crack down on illegal vacation rentals. Realtor Diane Swenson said she manages 12 to 14 vacation rentals that jobs to Molokai residents. According to Swenson, there are about 100 illegal vacation rentals on the island. She also said between 30 and 40 percent of the tenants are local families using the rentals for weddings and parties.


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