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Living Independently…

Community Contributed

By Linda Liddell

Aloha from the Hawaii Center for Independent Living (HCIL). This organization has been on Molokai for a few months now and we would like to get the word out of our duties and services to the community.

We are here to serve the disabled community with advocacy, peer counseling, wellness coaching, financial planning, assistive technologies, disability accommodation housing, public assistance, social security benefits, supported employment, accessible learning, on the job training, independent living, and aging in place. We are located at Home Pumehana, Monday through Friday.

Kealoha Laemoa is our office representative, Darlene Umemoto is her office assistant, and Linda Liddell is a board member for HCIL.

To help introduce us to the Molokai folks there will be an Disability Awareness Fair on April 28 at Home Pumehana from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.  This fair is being coordinated to maximize the choices of life and health and work for our Native Hawaiian community, so that they will become aware of the resources available to them to live independently within the community.  

From 1-3 p.m. the fair housing folks will be doing a presentation. Also among the booths will be Department of Health, Department of Mental Health, Assistive Technology of Hawaii Center, Hawaii Canine, Department of Vocational Rehab, Na Pu`uwai Health Center, Molokai Occupational Center, Hawaii Civil Rights Commission, Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), Arc of Maui, Home Pumehana Senior Living, and Alu Like. 

Please call (808) 553-3340 for more information.


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