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Lions Roar

Easter Egg Hunt and Contest

Molokai Lions Club News Release

On April 7, the Molokai Lions Club held their annual Easter Egg Hunt and Contest at the Kaunakakai soccer field. Over 150 children and adults attended the event. Lions Club members along with Molokai High School Leo Club members cooked, colored and hid nearly 1440 eggs. Many thanks to Lion Linda Mina for her attention to detail in chairing this event. Special thanks to the Soto Mission for providing the club with a location to cook and color the eggs and to Lloyd and Linda Yonemura for their cooking expertise. Misaki’s Market provided the storage of the eggs, thank you Kevin.

The Molokai Leo Club, under the leadership of Leo Advisor Julia DeGeorge, were especially welcomed to pair with the Lion Club members on Friday for the coloring and again on Saturday for the judging of the contest.

The winners:

Easter Egg Contest
Ages 1-6
1st place: Kailiah Gonsales-Chong
2nd place: Kailani Bicoy
3rd place: Khloe Bicoy

Ages 7-12
1st place: Brandon Keanini
2nd place: Kelsey Bicoy
3rd Place: Kamalani Kanawaliwali

Easter Basket Contest
Ages 1-6
1st place: Laulea Ledesma
2nd place: Magmus Sakamoto
3rd place: Meredith Go

Ages 7-12
1st place: Kamalani Puaa-Kanawaliwali
2nd place: Cendall Manley
3rd place: Mallory Go

Easter Bonnet Contest
Ages 1-6
1st place: Herman Puaa-Smith
2nd place: Alexi Puaa-Gonzales
3rd place: Kileona Kanawaliwali

Ages 7-12
1st place: Keeyo Bicoy
2nd place: Caele Manley

Golden Egg winners:
Ages 1-3: Steven Cuello III
Ages 4-7: Ku Chow
Ages 8-12: TJ Davis



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