Lions bring good luck and joy in New Years Celebration

The myth of the Chinese Lion Dance.

The Lion King, who was carefree and known as a practical joker, lived in the land of the Chinese Gods. One day he decided to play a joke on the Jade Emperor, faking an injury and scaring the Jade Emperor when he came to help.

The Jade Emperor was very angry at the lion and had him beheaded for his lack of respect and his disgraceful conduct. Luckily the Goddess of Mercy, Kwan Yin, took pity on the Lion and tied his head to a long colorful ribbon to bring him back to life. The Lion King was very grateful to The Goddess and vowed to spend all of his time helping others instead of playing jokes upon them.

Impressed by his sincerity, Goddess Kwan Yin gave him a horn to fight with and a reflective nose to scare away evildoers. Today, the Lion Dance is used at festive occasions to help others, bring good luck and keep away those that would do harm.


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