Lightening the Energy Load

MEO offers assistance with energy bills.

Maui Economic Opportunity Inc.’s (MEO) Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) will be qualifying eligible persons and providing credits towards gas and electrical bills for those eligible starting June 1 through June 30.  

The one time credits are available for low-income households with incomes and assets below 150 percent of the federal poverty level. This Program is a Federally-funded program to help eligible low income homeowners and renters meet their electrical or gas bill obligations and for energy crisis intervention.

Please stop by the MEO Office to pickup a Criteria Sheet. Please not the MEO Office will be closed on June 11. For more information call 553-3216.

You must have documents listed on the criteria sheet and all adults must be present when applying.

To Apply You Must Have With You:
1. ORIGINAL of current gas or electric bill (May 2008 if your payment is due in June or your June 2008 bill). For Crisis we will need to have the Original Urgent Disconnection Notice.
2. PROOF of RESIDENCE (rental agreement, deed, etc. which should have the same service address that is on your utility bill.).
3. PROOF of entire energy household’s GROSS income for twelve (12) months preceding month of Application. We need income of every adult and children. (2007 Income Tax Statements, Pay stubs, W-2, Social Security, SSI, Unemployment Ins., TDI, Veteran’s Benefits, Pension, Worker’s compensation, Other.) If self-employed we need to see your GET License and most recent quarterly/monthly report. Please inform us if you are receiving any Dept of Human Services Financial or Food Stamp benefits, and/or SSI benefits. We will verify it and you probably may not have to bring in Proof of Income.
4. You will be required to declare all members of the residence. Everyone 18 & over must bring in their Photo IDs and must be present to sign the application.
5. PROOF of entire household LIQUID ASSETS (Current Bank Statements for checking/savings. Current Statements for IRA, Stocks/Bonds and Credit Union Bank Accounts. No ATM or bank receipts will be accepted.)
6. Disabled – show verification.
7. Birth certificates for children 5 & under.


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