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Aka`ula holds two fundraising events.

It was a week of intense fun and fundraising for Aka`ula School, which hosted both the Spring Disco and a Cinco de Mayo Fiesta.

Last Wednesday brought a night of Latin dance, raffled piñatas handmade by Aka`ula students and parents, and a grand prize of a helicopter tour of Halawa Valley and Molokai’s north coast. The Spring Disco was also a hit last Friday evening, where a lively group of keiki and teens danced the night away.

Aka`ula encountered a shortfall with funding this year – about $3,500 short – which prompted an emergency meeting in April to discuss fundraising options. Two ideas that emerged were the Spring Disco and the Cinco de Mayo Fiesta, said parent and fundraiser organizer Alicia Bicoy.

“It’s challenging to find resources when living on a small island,” Bicoy said. “And it’s difficult asking the same people year after year to give money. They just can’t do it, especially with this economy.”

Pictured left, Aka`ula students gathered to sing “La Bamba,” a Mexican folk song, in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Held at Hotel Molokai, the evening also featured music by Molokai Jazz and the new hit band, MoPac, comprised of half the members of Mobettah band and half of Six Pak.

At the disco, youth packed Mitchell Pauole Center – some released their energy on the dance floor with break-dancing moves, while others enjoyed concession snacks and cruised with friends.

Maui County holds discos at Mitchell Pauole Center once a month with a $2 cover charge, donating a portion of those proceeds to organizations who wish to “piggy back” on the already existing event to help raise money. Aka`ula received $1 of the cover charge and any profit made from the concession snacks.

Bicoy added the school also offered chicken plates at $8 a piece to help raise funds that would help cover the school’s operational costs, teachers’ salaries and other yearly expenditures.


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