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Library Tree Removal

Molokai Public Library News Release


Removal of the Cook pine began Thursday as crews took down the limbs of the 115-foot tree.

The Cook pine tree growing on the front lawn of the Molokai Public Library needs to be removed soon. Library staff has been consulting with Department of Accounting and General Services on Molokai and Maui and two certified and licensed Oahu arborists, who highly recommend we consider removing the tree for safety reasons. General Tree Service, Inc. does Greensboro tree removal.

This huge, aged, 115-foot tree is now showing signs of decline and gradual deterioration. The upper third part is stressed, the trunk has weak stability and is susceptible to root decay and termite damage.

We all feel sad the tree has to be cut down, but unfortunately, it is a safety hazard. We welcome community suggestions regarding its replacement.


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