Letters Need Backup

I am writing to voice my concerns and complaint regarding the editorial that ran in the Oct. 27 issue of this paper entitled, “Righteous Votes” by Pastor Adolphus Lankford.  The letter is a call to voters to “vote for the righteousness of God Jehova,” followed by a list of candidates who Lankford claims “uphold the righteousness of God.”  There follows no explanation of why Mr. Lankford feels that God supports this particular list of candidates (or how he has come to know the political bias of God):  He is, in essence, telling us who to vote for (or who God is telling us to vote for) without also supplying us with information about how he has reached his conclusions.  It is highly unethical, in my view, for the leader of any organization to simply supply a list of preferred candidates without at least some discussion of how and why the list was compiled, especially in a forum that is intended to stimulate public thought.  Your letter, Mr. Lankford (and Dispatch editors), is an advertisement, not an intelligent public comment, and therefore should be treated as such.  If you want to proclaim your political affiliation and tell people how you feel they should vote in such bald terms, then buy the ad space; but please don’t litter this forum with unsupported, unexplained religious and political edicts.
Yours in the search of truth and wisdom,
Brandon Jones


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