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Letter – Is Pork and Beef Gone with the Wind?

Molokai Ranch wants to raise and market pork and beef. Supposedly the wind energy company Pattern Energy cut its ties to Molokai Ranch and is gone with the wind. Is that the real picture?  When will the Molokai Ranch pig farm start?  Can Molokai people partner and grow the feed?  Depends on world economics.  Does it make “cents” for Molokai residents, private business, the State and Maui County to be partners in rejuvenating west end in water, hotels, golf, etc?  A lot of little can make one big.  Raising pigs and beef on Molokai to feed the world is a good idea — just keep the waste smell from blowing down wind.

On another page, Molokai Veterans are selling dinner plates to raise funds to complete the new Veteran Center building.  Pick up your plate and listen to the U. S. Air Force Military Band at Coffees of Hawaii in Kualapuu March 16 at 6:00 p.m.  Stop by the Veteran bunker in town for tickets.

Larry Helm, Concerned Citizen

Commander, MVCV


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  1. janelee says:

    I believe that finally we are in harmony with Molokai Ranch’s efforts to rebuild on their agricultural roots as the primary economic mainstay for their corporation. Our spin through the fairy land of grand hotels, multi-million dollar mansions, subdivisions with no water, and as a last resort, windmills, was long and hard going for everyone, including the community. At some point we need to find areas for agreement, where development is not only about tourism, but about something else…something Molokai style; and industry is possible through alternative energy, etc. Development is not a bad word, sometimes it just bad decisions driven by greed instead of good sense. If we choose agriculture as our mainstay economy, we going have to live with the smell! Much aloha to our fallen friend, Larry. Until we meet again…

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