A Lesson in Good Taste

A crowd gathering in the high school cafeteria on Friday afternoon enjoyed a banquet comparable to that of a four star hotel. In chef’s hats and aprons, a kitchen staff of eight served family, friends and guests a delicious feast. The entire meal was prepared in the cafeteria of Molokai High School, where the chefs are also students.

On Friday, students’ skills were put on display as they served a gourmet meal to a full cafeteria. The first course began with a Caesar salad made of a bed of romaine lettuce and topped off with homemade croutons and a creamy dressing made from scratch. Rice pilaf made from chicken stock and saffron was served, and a choice of vegetables — carrots, spinach or bell peppers. Diners had a choice of fresh island swordfish or Mahi Mahi, poached and topped with a shrimp based cream sauce. Sweet potato au gratin accompanied the main course, seared and slowly roasted beef, carved thinly. As a finale, guests were served an elegant swan shaped pastry, filled with whipped cream.

The Exploration in Culinary Arts and Practical Skills Enhancement Program was sponsored by MRDP in partnership with the MCA of MCC.


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