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By Eileen M.S. Nims, Esq.

As a Trusts and Estates attorney who received my law degree from Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii, I have a law practice in Mililani and now on Molokai as well. I have fallen head over heels with Molokai and want to give love back to the island. I come here one week a month to paddle my kayak and be part of the local scene. I have been providing legal services to many of our families already and I am always happy to help with wills, trusts, deed transfers and even grandparents legal rights. So if you need legal services regarding family laws, learn more about family law in Naperville here. Read more below to learn How to Protect Yourself When You Know Divorce is Coming.

I am very familiar with Family Court and have worked in the Circuit Court criminal division. I served as a legislative attorney in the Hawaii State Senate and gives law clinics at Mililani High School. I additionally hold a Masters’ Degree in counseling and have worked in that capacity for many years. I believe in creating harmony and protecting families from preventable hardships. I approach every family with the highest level of confidentiality and understanding. I am the mother of three Hawaii-raised children who are now off on adventures of their own. 

At my legal service, I am dedicated to offering highly personalized legal protection services tailored for the Hawaiian Islands and beyond. I prioritize convenience and aim to simplify the process for your family. Whether it’s discussing your unique legal and financial needs or explaining intricate details, I am here to provide guidance. Houston attorney search engine marketing plays a crucial role in reaching clients effectively and efficiently, ensuring that those in need of legal assistance can easily find the services they require. By optimizing online visibility and targeting relevant keywords, I strive to connect with individuals seeking legal representation in Houston and surrounding areas. Additionally, just like other lawyers, I utilize innovative tools to ensure efficiency, such as the use of binder tabs at, allowing for an organized and easily accessible documentation system. This approach underscores my commitment to delivering a seamless and worry-free experience for you and your family.

You can also check out Maryland family law FAQs if you have any questions regarding family law matters. The answers will always be written in a generalized manner and are not meant to be individual legal advice. Did you know, for example, that married couples still need a power of attorney before one can act on the other’s behalf? With the increase of privacy laws, you can’t even talk to your cable company if the account is in your spouse’s name and not yours! Do you want to make sure your grandchildren get your house and not your ex-son or daughter in law? How can you inherit or receive money if you are on disability without risking losing your benefits? These are all questions that will be answered in the upcoming columns.

If you wish to reach the Eileen M.S. Nims, Esq. office directly, you can contact (808) 664-1834 or email me at  I am looking forward to giving legal love to our island.


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